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  • Silicone Yoga Tension Band Multifunctional Portable Figure 8 Shaped Silicone Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Yoga Resistance Band
  • The resistance band features a unique shape and is small, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Odorless, non-toxic, anti-dust, durable, non-permeable, reusable, easy to clean
  • The jelly color appears stylish and beautiful and has an unexpected fitness effect.
  • Soft and comfortable, good tensile properties, excellent resilience, not easily deformed, durable
  • With relatively large exercise intensity that can promote cell viability and accelerate blood circulation

8 SHAPED SILICON RESISTANCE BAND strengthens arms, chest, shoulders, and back with a single arm and double arm exercises for total upper body conditioning and can be used for lower body exercises to tone legs and buns.


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